Turns out, so is comedy.

I’m Maison, a full-time freelance copywriter based in Charleston, South Carolina. I like comedy. I like ridiculousness. I like using a dash of both to inject some life into your business.

Most importantly, I like delighting people just like your readers and customers and making them feel like you’re their best friend. Or their mentor.

Like you’re both just having a friendly chat over drinks. A chat with a few hearty laughs. A chat that—let’s be real—we hope turns into a sale. Or maybe even wins you a life-long customer.

Know why you’re nearly done reading my front page and haven’t run into a good joke yet? Because there are none. Nope, not here. Because—although I call myself The Comedy Copywriter—when I mean business, I mean business.

Because while comedy may be a useful selling tool, results will always come first. Connection comes first. Let’s build that connection, let’s earn their trust—and watch everything else fall into place.

If that’s the kind of content you’re looking for, let’s roll.