Content Services

Having great content is kind of like reaching through your screen and gently caressing your customer’s face in a way that lets them know you’re there for him. That you get him. That you want to help.

Reading a good newsletter is like dinner with a close friend who gets what you’re going through. A good blog post is like coffee with a wise mentor who wants to guide you in the right direction.

Great content is the key to connection. And while caressing faces might not be the most sound marketing tactic for dealing with customers in person, it’s exactly what you want to be doing over the internet with your blog and newsletter.

Guide your customers. Help, inform, and delight them. That’s how you’ll build that connection they’re looking for.

Or, rather–we’ll build that connection together. I’ll do the writing; you keep running that marvelous business of yours.

What I’d Like to Know

  • Where will the content go? I’d like to take a gander at the company site, if possible.
  • What topics/titles do you have for me? Or shall I come up with some for you?
  • Is there a persona I should write with? Remember, this content is yours, not mine. So if you’d like me to use your voice or someone else’s, let’s talk about it.
  • What post length are you shooting for? You can give me a word count, a range, or simply advise me to do what feels right.
  • Any other notable specs? If you’ve got preferences for keywords, linked resources, or talking points, let a sister know.

Are you ready to caress your customers’ faces with words? Ready to give them something they’ll love to read?

Let’s talk about it.


Expect a quote of about $10 per 100 words for most blog posts. (That makes your average 500-word blog post $50.)

Expect this number to go up a bit of lots of research or interviews are required for your piece.

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