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Copywriting Projects

frostbeard-portfolioFrostbeard Studio
I worked with Roxie and Tom to update their bio page and rewrite 20 different product descriptions for their literature-inspired candles. For a nerdy chick like myself, a gal’s dream come true, honestly.

Matt and I had a grand old time reworking his sales page for his Strategies for Hypergrowth course—a program for helping systems engineers improve the speed and efficiency of their processes. SHEESH—that’s a mouthful, and honestly I was wondering why Matt wanted a goofball like me to try and sell to engineers. But he found me on Twitter, he liked my jokes, and together we found that all it takes to relate to engineers is a bit of organization, some traditional selling techniques, and a dash of humor.

Around the Web

The Federalist’s “This Week In Weird Twitter” Feature

Rich Cromwell at The Federalist has featured me a few times in this column. Simply seeing my tweets embedded next to so many other talented Twitter jokesters is enough to make a gal blush.

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An Interview with Karen Marston at Untamed Writing

What can I say about Karen Marston other than that I LOVE HER. And that when she—my freelance writing hero who taught me everything I know—asked ME—a person who just spent all morning not realizing her pants were on backwards (and that’s why they felt so weird around the crotch)—to an interview, I asked her what drugs she’s on and where I could get them.

Turns out, she wasn’t on drugs. She’s just awesome and wants to see her students succeed.

An Interview with nDash, a platform that connects writers to clients

I ♥ nDash. Plenty a time I’ve sent frantic emails with questions and problems, and who do I always hear back from but the Director of Operations herself? Often feeling like I’m sucking up this lady’s time, I always say, “If I’ve misdirected this question, please send it along to the appropriate person!” And she always says, “That’s me!” with a can-do attitude and attentiveness that proves to me they really mean it when they say they’re here for the writer. Look for a review on them on the blog in the next few months.

The Better Movies Podcast’s Oscar Special

I told a friend on Twitter, Avri, that I had not seen any of this year’s Oscar nominees. This did not stop him from asking my opinion on all of them, which I heartily (and misinformed-ily) gave.

These 4 dudes (and the other 3 ladies that were interviewed alongside me) are among the funniest and loveliest people on Twitter I’ve ever met. Get ready to laugh your pants off. Unless they’re already off, like mine.