Here’s my top 3 marketing tips if you want to feel like an absolute snake:

1) Use (OVERUSED) marketing buzzwords like thought leader and empowerment. 2) Follow a ton of people on social media and hope they follow you back. 3) Abuse pop up windows and try not to hate yourself.

Also called My 3-Step System for Losing Yourself in the Sea of Online Marketing Noise.

ALSO CALLED my 3-Step System for Being Really Lazy.

But here’s my #1 marketing tip for, you know, actually marketing in a nice, wholesome (yet seductive) way.

Be really sexy with words.

Be interesting. Be funny. (Which is actually like being sexy, interesting, and fresh all at once.)

Mmm, freshness. That’s just what our online marketing strategies need. It could just be what yours needs: a little bit of a sense of humor.

Here's the man your man could smell like. Wouldn't mind him looking like him, too, am I right ladies?

Here’s the man your man could smell like. Wouldn’t mind him looking like him, too, am I right ladies?

I’ll Tell You Why (But Deep Down You Already KNOW)

Remember the first Old Spice The Man Your Man Could Smell Like commercials? The ridiculous ones with horses and palm trees and pretty much every manly thing you can think of?


That’s why. The fact that you remember those commercials. The fact that they always made you laugh—that’s why we need more humor in marketing. That’s why my armpits were lovingly slathered with Fiji Old Spice deodorant this morning.

Because it works.

Because it makes us remember in a cool, not-even-trying kind of way. (Although I’m pretty sure dropping a couple hundred grand on a Super Bowl commercial slot counts as trying. But you catch my drift.)

Because it’s charming.

Marketing is getting people to like you. And people like you when you’re funny.

And by “you” I mean your brand, of course. Your style. The mark you’re making.

Being funny is being intelligent, personable, memorable, delightful, and fun all at once. It’s being interesting and grabbing people’s attention. Ask yourself: do your current marketing efforts check all those boxes?

Being funny does. Being funny is like killing many, many birds with one or two stones, if stones are your jokes and birds are your customers. (Please don’t throw stones at your customers.)

Because in a world where “growth hacking”, “thought leader” and “sign up for our newsletter!” have become words that everyone is SO. TIRED. OF HEARING, it’s being original.

If you've never laughed at Peyton Manning in one of his ridiculous commercials then you're wrong. This one's for Sprint.

If you’ve never laughed at Peyton Manning in one of his ridiculous commercials then you’re wrong. This one’s for Sprint.

It’s being different. It’s being 100% you, the most delightful and personable version of you there is.

It sure as hell isn’t using buzzwords like award-winning or ground-breaking or innovative. When you see those words in an ad, be honest—do they really mean anything to you anymore?

Probably not. It’s probably just marketing noise. It’s wasted space.

When you demand a visitor’s attention with your marketing efforts, you’re borrowing her time. You might as well make it worth her while—even if she doesn’t want to buy—by making her laugh.

Because she may not be ready to buy yet, but make her laugh, and she’ll remember you. She’ll think about you later and she’ll smile. So maybe you didn’t make a sale just yet, but here’s what you did do:

You just because the mysterious, hot, funny guy at the party.

And later tonight when she changes into her PJs and tuckers down for a good night’s sleep, she’ll think about you. And she’ll realize she needs to get in touch with you again.

And then she will.

This one's from The Dollar Shave Club's website. The marketing team behind their campaigns is actually genius.

This one’s from The Dollar Shave Club’s website. The marketing team behind their campaigns is actually genius.

And I’m Not Even Making All This Up

Take a look at the examples all throughout this post. Take a look at how beautiful it is when it’s done right.

Why are memes so shareable? Why do they spread like wildfire? How is it that a well-written joke tweet can easily get tens of thousands of likes in a matter of days?

Because it’s been proven that “jokes trigger positive emotional and psychological responses.”

Scientists have even said that being funny = being intelligent.

And after months of trying out writing short form for Twitter, I’ve definitely found this true. Sure, my jokes are ridiculous and nonsensical and sometimes just weird enough to work, but in the fast few months I’ve learned that short form—one of the hardest types of comedy writing to master—tests your ability to form mental connections that just aren’t so obvious to other people at first.

I found this joke very stupid. 300 people did not find it stupid. Isn’t that amazing?

The beauty of it is that it looks effortless. (But any comedy writer knows that it’s not.) It just looks like it when it’s done well.

That’s why it’s great in marketing. Again, you’re the cool guy at the party hardly trying. And everyone loves you for it.

That’s the big why of using humor in marketing.

Next up: WHERE you’ll benefit from using humor in marketing. Here’s a hint: like, everywhere. But we’ll talk more about that later.

Shady’s Back

In this scenario, I am Shady, and I am back.

After a summer of minor health problems and catching up on sleep/self care and just gosh darn livin’ life, ya girl is back with a vengeance.

So get ready to rock. Every week on Thursdays ’til the end of forever.